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How to Import eForms


How do we import new eForms into OSCAR?


First; fetch and download new and updated eForms from either of these 2 locations:

Note: download the ZIP file.

This is how import an eForm into OSCAR:

  1. Download the eForm zip file from or A download link would look something like this on the site:
  2. remember to note the location the computer where the file was downloaded
  3. from OSCAR's main menu, click Administration
  4. select Forms/eForms
  5. select Manage eForms
  6. near the top left of the window, under the title "eForm Library", click on "Import"
  7. from the Import eForm dialog, click Browse
  8. browse to and select the eForm zip file that was downloaded in step 1
  9. click Import. (it is ok to ignore any warnings that are returned)
  10. scroll through the eForm library and confirm that the selected eForm was uploaded
  11. open the eForm to confirm that it works correctly
  12. enjoy

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