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Getting an error when adding a new Consultation Professional Specialist


My OSCAR program doesn’t allow me to add specialist name into consultations.
After I completed with name and address of specialist to add on the list, I have HTTP Status 500- Internal Server Error message.


The specialist database contains over 15,000 providers. It is highly probability that the specialist you're trying to add is already in the database. Be sure to search for the specialist name first in order to avoid duplicates in the database.

Adding a new Consultation Professional Specialist requires a little bit of finesse until we complete major improvements to the module.  Here is how it's done without error:

  1. from OSCAR's main menu, click Consultations
  2. from the top left of the View Consultation Requests window, click "Edit Specialists"
  3. do a window search (CTRL + F) for the Professional Specialist last name (to ensure a duplicate is not being added)
  4. from the left menu of the Select Service window, select Add Specialist.
  5. completed the form for a new Professional Specialist entry (see below for important details)
  6. clicked Add Specialist

There are 2 very IMPORTANT details to remember when adding a new Specialist:

  1. when the MSP number must be entered as 6 digits by prepending a 0 (zero). ie: 63491 would be entered as 063491
  2. the address MUST contain 5 elements separated by 4 commas
    • [address],[city],[province],[postal],[country]

Unknown elements can be left blank BUT the comma must still be entered

    • [address],[city],[province],[],[]

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