Open OSP

Locked out of MSP Teleplan


Something went wrong during the last MSP Teleplan password change. Now we are locked out of Teleplan and none of the passwords work.  We cannot do any MSP submissions.  What do we do?


Take a deep breath. There is an easy solution.

  1. call Teleplan to reset your password - they will give you a new temporary password.
  2. open a web browser and go to:
  3. login with your Teleplan user id and new temporary password
  4. follow the instructions to change the temporary password. Remember the new password for later.
  5. from OSCAR's main menu, click Administration.
  6. select Billing and then Manage Teleplan
  7. enter the New Password into the field under Set Teleplan Password
  8. click Save

Test the connection by doing a MSP Check Eligibility on any patient.