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Edit Oscar specialist list


I am again having trouble editing the specialist list in the consults. I need to change the fax number on a physician, and I cannot do it. I get an error message. I have tried getting rid of the () and other punctuation, but I am unable to do that as well.


There are 3 simple ways to work around these annoying (yet common) errors:

1). Remove ALL commas from the Specialist Address

Ie: 1530 West 7th Avenue Vancouver BC V6J 1S3

3). Add more commas between each element, and add the country name

Ie: 1530 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1S3, Canada

ALSO: don’t forget to add 0’s to the beginning of the referral number to make it 6 digits long.

4). Through the Health Care Team module from inside the patient file. (more complex but guaranteed to work).

a.) click edit in a demographic master file.
b.) Under Health Care Team next to add a provider, select “external" and then select a provider specialty.
c.) enter the provider's last name in the search field.
d.) click search
e.) select the provider to add it to the patient chart
f.) click “edit”
g.) edit the provider details and then save.